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Pete Cerqua in Self Magazine SELF Magaznie
May 2013
Flash: try it
Make like Goldilocks: The secret to sculpting lean muschle: Dumbbells that aren't too heavey or too light, but just right.
Pete Cerqua in Oxyen Magazine Oxygen Magazine
May 2013
One Dumbbell No Waiting!
by Karen Asp

Sometimes, one just won't cut it. Double Dutch is just plain old skipping without the second rope. A stir-fry becomes a messy disaster with one chopstick.
Pete Cerqua in Real Simple Magazine Real Simple Magazine
April 2013
Feel Better Already
Focus on the negative (just this once)
by Sara Reistad-Long

If you want to get more bang for your exercise buck, concentrate on the "negative" phase of a weight-lifting routine, which is when you're lowering the weight back to the starting position.
O Magazine and 90 Second Fitness O Magazine
January 2013
Dr. Oz's Guide to Getting Healthy in Your 30s
by By Dr. Mehmet Oz

This decade it's all about keeping your metabolism humming.
Amazing Wellness and 90 Second Fitness Amazing Wellness (COVER)
Early Summer 2010
The 90 Second Fitness Solution
Women today are pushed to the brink. For working mothers, there are the constant demands of their jobs and families.
Pete Cerqua in Self Magazine SELF Magazine (COVER)
December 2009
Fit & Sexy in 15 Minutes A Day
90 Seconds to Slim
by Sarah Bowen Shea

Tired of countless sets and reps? Make "one and done" your workout mantra. With this get-lean routine you'll do each move only once, which will leave you twice as much time to enjoy your sleek new physique.
O Magazine and 90 Second Fitness O Magazine
October 2009
4 Exercises to Do While You Watch TV
by Polly Brewster

"By doing lunges slowly, you increase intensity," says personal trainer Pete Cerqua, author of The 90-Second Fitness Solution.
O Magazine and 90 Second Fitness O Magazine
March 2009
March Madness:
Here Come the Fitness Books
by Polly Brewster

Polly Brewster sifts through this season's crop of fitness manuals and finds some winners.
Health Magazine
March 2009
Drop a Dress Size With This Speedy Strength Workout
Crunched for time but still want to tighten, tone, and get back into that too-tight dress? Try this full-body strength workout from New York City–based trainer Pete Cerqua, author of The 90-Second Fitness Solution.
Play It Radio
Peter Cerqua Interview for the WCBS Health & Well Being Report

Thu, 12 Feb 2009
Pat Farnack's conversation with Peter Cerqua, author of "The 90-Second Fitness Solution," for the WCBS Health & Well Being Report.

Book Page
January 2009
Forget perfection

This season's fitness books value substance over style, at last.

No time? No problem!

Weak-willed? Time-strapped? Get The 90-Second Fitness Solution: The Most Time-Efficient Workout Ever for a Healthier, Stronger, Younger You.

O Magazine
September 2002
The Day that Shook Our World

Pete Cerqua quoted in O Magazine about 9/11... "I find myself thanking God for the simplest things that I used to take for granted. Every day, something different."- Peter Cerqua, personal trainer


"Beyond 50" Radio Show with Daniel Davis

KMOX Radio
KMOX Radio
CARNEY - Men's Health

Pete Cerqua - 10/21/09

YouTube Video
Presents for Mom

WCBS 880 Radio Interview
The First Vook Ever

WCBS 880 Radio Interview
You Don't Even Have to Change Your Clothes

WCBS 880 Radio Interview
Pat Farnack's conversation with Pete Cerqua, author of the "90 Second Fitness Solution"

WCBS 880 Radio Interview
Do You Have 90 Seconds to Work Out?"
How to Keep the Holidays from Derailing Your Health
by Pete Cerqua
Want to know the easiest way to stick to your extremely healthy holiday diet and fitness plan? By allowing yourself to cheat on it now and then.

Better Each Day: 365 Expert Tips for a Healthier, Happier You
by Jessica Cassity
Pete Cerqua is one of the featured professionals offering health and wellness advice in Jessica Cassity's new book Better Each Day! You can find Pete on page 199.
90-Second Fitness in Spain!

"The 90-Second Fitness Solution," has become international. Check us out in Spain!

TheAbington Journal
'90-second' success grows

Pete Cerqua, author of "The 90-Second Fitness Solution," grew up on Woodland Way in Clarks Summit, and it was here where he first became interested in fitness.
Guacamole, greens, and a skinny black dress: An interview with trainer Pete Cerqua

Today, I'm bringing you an interview I've been really looking forward to posting. I first met Pete Cerqua, author of The 90-Second Fitness Solution when I test-drove an absolutely intense workout machine at his studio for an AOL story.
Be mine! Indulge in Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day also coincides with American Heart Month and, what better way to spend the day of hearts than working out your heart?

Lady Foot Locker
The "Prove It To Yourself" Push-Up!

Do you ever think you are too weak to do a push-up correctly? With Fitness Expert's Pete Cerqua's instructions from his book "The 90- Second Fitness Solution", you will transform your girly-girl push ups into something to be proud of! Remember, it is not about quantity of how many you can do... it is about the quality of the push-up!

CBS News
The 90 Second Workout Solution

With just days to go before Christmas and New Year's Eve, it can be tough to find time to work out. What if you could do a workout that is just 90 seconds and still get results?
The 90 Second Workout Solution

With all the pre-Christmas preparation, you might think that you don't have time to fit in your fitness. Oh, but you'd be wrong, says trainer Pete Cerqua...
The ROM Four-Minute Total Body Workout

For years, I've dutifully made my way to the gym, putting myself through the paces-- cardio, weights, stretching. Repeat tomorrow. It's a huge time suck. But I've always thought of it as the price you pay for a healthy body...

Yahoo Health
The Superfast Workout You Can Do Anywhere

I confess, I'm not a huge fan of exercise "moves." One reason? All the counting! I can hold a plank or a pull-up, but reps set me on edge! Well, here's a new way to tone up without counting.
Expert Q&A: Strength Training in 15 Minutes a Week

Yes! According to Pete Cerqua, author of The 90-Second Fitness Solution, strength training is the most important component in your exercise program and as little as 15 minutes a week can yield great results.

Shine from Yahoo
Fact or Myth? A Complete Fitness Program Includes Daily Stretching

Do you really need to stretch? Pete Cerqua, author of The 90-Second Fitness Solution, reveals the answer.

The New York Times
(Front Page Article of the October 1, 2009 edition)
Curling Up With Hybrid Books, Videos Included
For more than 500 years the book has been a remarkably stable entity: a coherent string of connected words, printed on paper and bound between covers.

Shine from Yahoo
6 Benefits of multimedia fitness

Pete Cerqua, author of The 90-Second Fitness Solution, was highlighted in Self Magazine's December issue. Additionally, Self Magazine's website featured Pete's exercises in a photographic slideshow and in a video.

The Raw Built Body Projects
Raw Built Body Project Posse Member Number #10

Meet Pete Cerqua. 1) What was your personal experience with gaining muscle on a raw food diet?

HOT Health and Fitness Books
The 90-Second Fitness Solution

And since today's world has pushed us to move a little faster, trainers have been giving out their top secret techniques to staying fit and healthy in a fraction of your usual gym session. Just lay down a mere 3 minutes of your life, and you're off to something good.
We Have a 90-Second Fitness Solution Winner!

After some great entries and pleas to win the recently reviewed The 90-Second Fitness Solution we have a winner. And that winner is... Anne!

90 Second Fitness Solution

Based on Pete Cerqua's new book The 90 Second Fitness Solution, we are going to find out if a three minute work-out is truly as effective as he claims.

Simon & Schuster Books
The 90-Second Fitness Solution

How little do you have to do to firm up, lose fat, strengthen bones, improve mood, and boost energy? Renowned New York fitness trainer Pete Cerqua's answer is startling: 15 minutes of exercise a week.

Shine from YAHOO
Can you get strong in 90 seconds?

When I received Pete Cerqua's book in the mail, I have to be honest, I snickered. I thought, 'Here is another gimmick that doesn't work.' Frankly, if you have been reading my blog, you know I'm not into the 'quick fix' mentality of health. So, the title 'The 90-Second Fitness Solution' was a bit of a turn-off.

My Urban Sherpa
90 Second Fitness - Fit it in.

If you haven't gotten to the gym this week — even if you have in fact — if you haven't exhausted your muscles to the point of failure, and seen the reward of a svelter tighter you, find your way to 155 East 55th Street.

Fit Bottom Girls Blog
The 90-Second Fitness Solution & a Giveaway!

The full title of The 90-Second Fitness Solution: The Most Time-Efficient Workout Ever for a Healthier, Stronger, Younger You isn't exactly catchy, but the idea of it is tempting.
90 Seconds Strong

What do you mean, 90 seconds strong? That sounds ridiculous! By the time you are done reading this article you will understand how measuring your strength in "seconds" can help you lose inches off your body.
Apple Cinnamon Protein Shake Recipe

A yummy protein shake that provides you with the taste of apple pie...
On the Road

I recently was on the road for a three day span and was out of my usual training element. They were three busy days and it was also raining at my destination. Finding time to fit some fitness in and also connect with my little boy at home was a challenge.
90 Seconds to a Healthier, Fitter, Happier Active Mommy!

Recently I was offered the privilege to review a new fitness book by a representative of Simon and Schuster. I agreed and was sent the workout book, The 90 Second Fitness Solution: The Most Efficient Workout Ever for a Healthier, Stronger, Younger You by Pete Cerqua and Alisa Bowman.

Miami Fitness Examiner
Lean times workout at home in just three minutes

Stefan Pinto Recommends: I recently discovered this strength-training plan which includes only the most efficient exercises, each lasting only 90 seconds, but powerfully accelerating your metabolism.

Miami Fitness Examiner
Fitness and Weight Loss
Use music to motivate and enhance your workout

According to Pete Cerqua, author of The 90 Second Fitness Solution, "classical music is more beneficial than something with a faster beat.

Miami Fitness Examiner
Daily fish oil supplements ensure a healthy, productive life

According to Pete Cerqua, author of The 90-Second Fitness Solution, "fish–even if it is contaminated with pollutants–slows

Barnes & Noble - Tagged
What's New in the World of Books
with Molly Pesce

Barnes & Noble discusses Pete Cerqua's new fitness book, The 90-Second Fitness Solution.

Barnes & Noble - Tagged
YouTube video

Barnes & Noble announces the release of Pete Cerqua's new fitness book, The 90-Second Fitness Solution.

How little do you have to do to firm up, lose fat, strengthen bones, improve mood, and boost energy?

buy the book
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