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Profession: Financial Consultant
Pre-90 Second Weight: 120
Major Health Complaint: Desire for increased core and full body strength. Relief from back pain after playing consecutive days of golf. Improved posture.

Although having been physically active playing tennis, walking and running most of my adult life, I have always lacked core and upper body strength, and a weak back is in my DNA.

I felt results with 90-Second Fitness after the first month. I actually could feel myself becoming stronger and not just my core. I love the feeling of strength throughout my entire body: legs, core, arms back, and when I play golf, my back doesn’t hurt. I swing faster, hit further and love watching the ball take off and think: wow, I did that; that was my ball!

I still play some tennis and can move around the court as quickly as ever because my legs are stronger.

This is the strongest I have ever felt and I look forward to how I’m going to feel a year from now. And my posture has improved.

• • • • • • • • • • • • •


Profession: Magazine Editor
Pre-90 Second Weight: 130
Major Health Complaint: Chronic Back Pain
SUCCESS STORY: I used to do only cardio exercise, but never felt that it was having much of an effect on my body shape. Since I started working with Todd Hudson at 90-Second Fitness six or seven years ago, everything is much more toned and firmer, and my physical strength has significantly increased. I’ve come back after two pregnancies and been able to get back up to my pre-baby level of fitness within a couple of months. I used to suffer from constant back pain, due to a car-accident injury, and am never troubled by that anymore.
• • • • • • • • • • • • •


Profession: Financial Planner
Pre-90 Second Weight: 170
Major Health Complaint: As an avid  golfer, I wanted to regain loss of distance due to aging.
SUCCESS STORY: I am 69 and started with Todd Hudson at 90-Second Fitness in Manhattan about 15 months ago. The training has given me a wonderful overall feeling of strength and vigor which I never had before. My increased leg and core strength has enabled me to shift to a more powerful and repeatable core-centric golf swing. I am more confident now that I will soon reach my golf goal of shooting my age!
• • • • • • • • • • • • •


Profession: Finance
Pre-90 Second Weight: 145

Since starting on the 90 Second program, although I have not lost any weight, my body composition has been completely changed. I am much stronger, leaner, and have greater endurance now then when I was 20.

There have been mental benefits as well. I fall asleep faster, and awaken more easily. My stress levels have been markedly reduced, and without a daunting time commitment.

• • • • • • • • • • • • •


Criquette M.

Profession: Retired , Brittany, Northern France, Europe

I bought your book 3 months ago and have dropped 6 lbs and a dress size since starting the 90 second exercises. I am 63 and during the last 20 years I have slipped a disc, had chemo for Hep C and developed C.O.P.D and asthma. I had gone from an incredibly fit and healthy person to a weak, helpless human being in those 20 years. I started with the plank as that was all I could manage at first, I could only hold for 30 at first and each day I increased that until I could hold for the whole 90 secs. I included the wall sit after that and progressed in much the same way until I could stay the course. Then I included the stomach exercise and after that I wanted to go on. I kept trying to fly without much success, I could hold for 10 and one day 20 but it was so hard I stopped. Today I tried again and would you believe it I held for the whole 90 seconds.

I look forward to going on from here and getting stronger and stronger with the help of the 90 second fitness program.

Thank you for giving me back the will to go forward and the strength to do so.

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

How little do you have to do to firm up, lose fat, strengthen bones, improve mood, and boost energy?

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